We work in a specific way: the meeting is conducted by one therapist and is accompanied by the so-called reflecting team, i.e. two, three, sometimes four therapists, whose task is to listen carefully and watch the conversation between patients and the consulting therapist. The members of the reflecting team, asked to do so by the leading therapist, share their impressions, feelings, emotions and associations with each other. Thanks to this, all those present have a chance to get to know better not only the content of the statement (usually obvious to everyone), but also the nature of what is happening outside and between words.

Organizing work in this way has its consequences, both emotional and technical. Patients may initially be embarrassed by the presence of several strangers, so we want to explain the reason for their stay in the office: we work with couples and families on the basis of systemic thinking, according to which the difficulties arising in a couple or family do not result only from individual experiences and topics of the members couples / families, but also the fact that the couple / family is one, that its members are dependent on each other, react to each other, behave in accordance with how they experience and understand the behavior of others. This „systemic” and wholeness can be a source of conflicts and unwanted emotions, as well as a resource. We can also talk about the impressions of being listened to and watched during meetings. The task of the reflecting team is precisely to observe and indicate the phenomena that result from the fact that the family is a whole – thanks to which the destructive phenomena can be avoided and the creative ones can be better used.

The consequence of the technical nature of the presence of several therapists at the meeting is that it is a challenge to coordinate your and ours calendars, hence little flexibility when looking for new dates. We suggest that you decide to consult at such a time (day of the week, time of the day) when you can then come to the next meetings every 2-3 weeks.

All therapists participating in the meetings are bound by the principle of confidentiality, according to which, neither during the therapeutic process, nor after its completion, the identity of people using the therapy at the DO Foundation may not be disclosed or exposed to disclosure. The only situation in which therapists are allowed to discuss the content they heard is supervisory meetings, i.e. consulting therapeutic work with other specialists in order to improve the help offered. The use of supervision is an ethical requirement for psychotherapists, implemented by team members and people cooperating with the DO Foundation.

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